Launch Goodies | 1 0•28•2021

Launch Goodies | 1 0•28•2021

I can finally announce the launch of NyNo Body Products, LLC., my first business venture and 3rd baby. This venture is so important to me because after having 2 beautiful children, like any mother, I was looking to get my identity back.

I chose to create body products because of my son Noah who struggles with eczema. We have tried many products all of which work at first but then his dry skin patches come right back. My unscented body butter leaves his skin moisturized and soft. 

I am so excited to step out on faith that you all will love my luxury skincare line. These body butters were tested by my most honest and trusted friends and family members. They shared with me what they loved and also what could be upgraded. I believe the final product will become a staple in your beauty routine.

With my first launch I introduce to you a rich and creamy body butter that will leave your skin feeling luscious. NyNo Body Products are crafted with organic ingredients that could restore skin's moisture and reduce the appearance of dry skin.

I appreciate all of my first customers and can't wait to hear what you think. Order Today!

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